Robin Open Social Fi

Robin Open Social Fi (abbreviation: RobinFi) official product documentation, updated: 2023/4/13

Description of Robin Open Social Fi

Robin Open Social Fi is a social interaction platform that aggregates casual games. The platform provides social functions and a large number of casual games to serve users. Users can find partners on the platform, chat and interact, and play games together. Help web2.0 game users enter the web3.0 world. At the same time, players can realize Social to earn and Play to earn within the platform.

Build a Social-Fi Platform for 2.4 billion casual gamers around the world.

Our mission

We build Robin Social-Fi, a next-generation game platform for 2.4 billion casual gamers, based on play to earn and social to earn. The behavior of all platform participants can be monetized.

The precisely designed Social to Earn strengthens and motivates the social and interactive behaviors among players, activates and satisfies the social needs of casual game users, guides a large number of Web 2.0 users into Web 3.0 users, and provides developers with stable income , Attract global developers to continue to provide platform users with high-quality game content.

Our goal is to build a completely open platform, connect players and players, players and developers, open players and communities, developers and communities, from web2.0 to web3.0, and finally achieve complete decentralization.

In terms of content:

In the initial stage, the platform will open digital assets (NFT). The platform supports NFT cross-chain aggregation, and supports NFT holders to import existing NFT cross-chain into the platform for use as avatars or props, which enhances the liquidity of NFT

Support IP vendors to issue NFT on the platform themselves, NFT can be used in games, and truly build a multi-IP, open metaverse.

In terms of business cooperation:

We uphold the concept of openness and diversity. In terms of business cooperation, we are no longer limited to only looking for web3.0 partners, we accept all developers and operators, and help them distribute their products, whether it is games, IP, content manufacturers, through unique platform The mechanism guides them to realize the realization of income.

In terms of community building:

Provide the community with comprehensive one-click group building, user recruitment, rich community governance tools and technical support for community game content to achieve community autonomy and sustainable development.

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